Sunday, June 5, 2011

Waiting at the Night Cafe

Easter Posies 16 X 16

I think the above image shows Easter Posies in its final version. The reference photo was taken on an overcast day with diffused light so, Vicente suggested that I create a light source to give the figures some dimension and convey the festive atmosphere of the occasion.

At Vicente Herrero's suggestion I made some changes, and may continue alterations of the light and shadows.

The annual backyard Easter potluck always includes creative and colorful finery and the sharing of interesting food and conversation. This year, in a string of very hot weather, it was fortunately overcast enough for the temperatures to be tolerable.

The Rock Ahead 16 X 16

The scene of this painting is also Port de Fontvielle. I've been thinking a lot about the dynamics of the relationships I glimpse while walking. This couple is walking together in a very beautiful place, but something in their body language tells me that all may not be well.