Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last day of the workshop

This was the last painting of the day (6x6)

This was the long pose of the last day (12x16).

Boxer (12x16)

One day our model was a female boxer with wonderful skin tones and very developed musculature. This was a pose we all painted from photos after a morning of painting fast poses from life. The challenge was to get the sense of action. I think my painting turned out well.

I have always found boxing, especially female boxing, disquieting. While the sport displays much to be admired (coordination, grace of movement, strength, vitality, the beauty of honed musculature) it seems that the violence speaks of a failure of society. Years ago I volunteered in the female secure unit of a juvenile detention facility, and I heard horrible stories of abuse and retaliation. While I understand and admire the efforts needed to prepare for self-defense, I feel a sadness at its necessity.

More paintings from the workshop

This is a little portrait (6x8) I did late in the first day of the workshop.

This was a very small 20 minute sketch. It'll be good for color reference if I decide to paint from some of the photos I took that morning.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Self portrait (8X10)

This is how I spent the afternoon --- big brushes and lots of goopy paint.

Hangover (8 X 10)

I started off Saturday, the first day on my own after the workshop, with this little painting after doing a series of gesture sketches to warm up.

A few of my paintings from the Michelle Torrez workshop

This bottom one was donated for a silent auction to benefit those who have lost their homes to the recent fires. Most of the workshop participants donated a painting.

Michelle Torrez Workshop

This week I attended a workshop that has rocked my world. Michelle Torrez is not only an incredible artist, but an excellent and generous instructor. My paintings are going to be quite different from now on. And I'm going to have lots of fun painting them!

Here's Michelle beginning a demo with a very loose and unrecognizable gesture sketch.

Here's a badly shot photo of her completed demo. The setting on my camera that day was way off.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Glamour in a Red Hat (12 x 16)

Adjustments so small you won't be able to see them.


This has a few more adjustments ahead, but they have to wait until this layer of paint dries. Now I'm picking up more paint with my brush than applying what I need to put on it.