Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another (11x14")

The colors are definitely off in this photo of the painting. I will have to re-shoot it. There's far less red in her skin tones in the actual painting.

Saturday, a day for a boxer.

This one is 12x16" and neither has a title yet.

These were painted from photos I took during a workshop with Michelle Torrez. One day we had an impressively muscled woman boxer as our model. The painting below is 16X16"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Austin Visual Arts Association Fall Juried Show

It was great to discover that AVAA had selected my painting to introduce the show. "Easter Posies" has gone through several iterations, but seems to have arrived at a very satisfactory completion.

Laurel joined me to celebrate the show opening at the reception.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Arts Across the Americas Show

Last evening was the opening reception for the Arts Across the Americas Show at UT. It is primarily art from Austin and Lima, Peru, but there are also several interesting paintings from Brazil. The sales from the show will go to benefit young mothers in Peru.

Waiter on the Narrow Steps (8X10)

This simple painting has been a bit of a struggle. The most recent iteration is at the top, and, as always, the colors are a bit off because I haven't mastered my camera.

This was in Eze where the ancient steps are very narrow. It takes careful maneuvering to negotiate them, especially carrying a laden tray.

Preparing for the Festival (11X14)

We were staying in Vieux Nice on a weekend when the local churches celebrated a Festival (or Blessing) of the Flowers. The talent was obviously all local, ranging from folk dances to a rather tacky beauty contest, but the whole thing was interesting. It felt as if Vieux Nice were a small town within the larger city. This woman was preparing the greens for the garlands to decorate the entrance to one of the participating cathedrals.

The Professors (10x10)

I did this last weekend and this week. I liked the fact that there was a discussion going on between the two focal subjects, but that there was another conversation going on among the chef and waiters.