Saturday, September 28, 2013

Morning Coffee (12x16)

 This painting won 2nd place in the 9/27/13 juried show at the Wimberley Valley Art League.  The juror, Victor Pagona, wrote: "I really responded to the painting of Connie Schaertl titled 'Morning Coffee'. I liked the color sensitivity and the brush work, but I was captivated by the strange bold composition, like a snapshop taken at the wrong time. I laughed out loud at the boldness of the painting. Who organizes a painting like this? Well, Connie does and we are all the better for it."  (From my viewpoint, the hidden diner is irrelevant, the waiter and his work are the subject of the painting.  The jewel bedecked customer must not distract from his activity.  She is only a prop in the "story".)