Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Leaving Boboli" (6x8)

Sun & Shadow (9x12)

View of Ronciglione (9x12)

Lago di Vico and the Garden from the Terrace (16 x 20)

Garden Stakes(11 x 14)

The end of May is early Spring in the mountains north of Rome.  I arrived during iris and wisteria season just before Marcello roto-tilled the vegetable garden.  There were always blooming trees, bushes and flowers throughout my stay.

Springs Greens (9 x 12)

Walls with Wisteria (9x12)

The face that the villa presented to the world.

Villa and Garden (9x12)

This is the villa north of Rome where I spent 7 weeks last May & June.  The gardens were maintained to perfection by Marcello, who also made sure I had the things I needed for my stay.

Masked Musician (12x16)