Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long, long drive

No new painting today. Yesterday, I drove a long, long way to far, far NW Texas for my nephew's wedding. The weather was clear and hot and once I got a little way north of Fredericksburg it was apparent that the hideous heat and drought we've been suffering in the Austin area had not extended nearly as far north as I thought.

As I whizzed along on the lonely roads and highways, the colors became more and more diverse and vibrant. I wished I had the time to at least photograph some of what I saw, but when you're going 70, it's near 100 degrees out, and people are expecting you to show up, it's hard to stop, turn around and seek out a safe spot to park to take a couple of resource photos you may never get around to using.

But, LORD, the colors were enchanting. I challenge you non-painters to start looking for variations in the colors outside. Notice what areas are cool and which are warm, and where the contrasts are. You will greatly enrich your experience of what is around you.

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  1. sometimes it takes time to see patterns. i have to sit and let the environment envelope me for a while before i start to feel connections with it.