Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Prize: Austonian in Progress

I had a bit of a shock last night that sent me into the ladies' room in hysterical paroxysms of laughter. Last night was a Wimberley Valley Art League juried art show opening. The League includes some very fine artists. I'd submitted 4 pieces. The one that was accepted I had included at the last minute. When I walked in I got quite an eyeful of why only one was accepted -- some really excellent paintings by some well-known artists. I worked my way down the wall and saw my painting. There was a little sign between it and the photo hanging below saying 1st place. I thought that the photo below was nice, but WHY did photos so often win over paintings in these shows... Well, it wasn't the photo, it was my painting that won first place in 2-D works. And it was an experiment I'd painted upside down!

I was absolutely giddy all evening. It felt like some kind of cosmic joke.

(The top photo is of my friend, Marv, my daughter, Laurel and me in front of some beautiful works by Ann Templeton and others.)