Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Place

The current Wimberley Valley Art League show was juried by Rachel Koper, Program Director of Women & Their Work.  Here is part of her Juror Statement:

"The 1st place prize is for Connie Schaertl's 'Easter Posies.'  This group of women dressed in fancy antique clothes charmed me. I was struck by the relaxed and intimate posture of the figures and the ability to convey
a general cheerfulness and camaraderie.  I mention that at one point I pulled three works by Schaertl aside to consider them all for prizes.  I particularly like the 'slice of life' aspect of her work.  She paints subjects like cooks in a restaurant, a man sitting in the sun - perhaps on a lunch break.  She captures these nice moments without a need to paint exotic locations or subjects.  There is a terrific consistency to her work."

Actually, the settings for two of the four paintings were France, maybe not "exotic" but certainly representing a step out of ordinary life for me.  The other two paintings came from events in East Austin, and represent very pleasurable times much closer to home.  I thank the lovely ladies who had so picturesquely arranged themselves on a bench at the annual Easter Picnic/Potluck at Angel & Colin's.  They were true "Easter Posies!"

FIRST PLACE:  "Easter Posies"

HONORABLE MENTION:  "Kitchen Choreographer"

"Soaking Up the Autumn Sun"


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